2016 Election Season Kraken Analogy

I am going to use an analogy to explain why I am so excited about Bernie Sanders.


This is what the election season looks like to me so far:


We are on a ship being attacked by the Kraken.

Hillary says, “Hey, I have another boat. Let’s all get on it.”

Bernie says, “How about we get away from the great big monster? I propose we use my helicopter. Let’s all get on that.”

Some guys off to the right are shouting, “Yeah, go, Kraken!” There is no use even listening to them. They just think the giant tentacles are neat or something.

If it were any of Team Kraken versus Hillary, I might vote. And if I did it would be against team Kraken. I would still expect us to go down.

If it were any of Team Kraken versus Bernie, I would vote enthusiastically for Bernie. We might still go down, but there is at least a sliver of hope that we won’t.

Plan A is not an option; we’re sinking. We have been sinking for a long while. Plan A assures that we are destroyed. Playing it safe assures destruction, slowly but certainly. Who is proposing a plan B? Anyone?



Author: cazimi3

Amateur philosopher, long-time monster trainer, and aspiring mad scientist turned starving artist.

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