On Bernie: Countering Common Criticism

I’m going to address some common criticism from Hillary supporters.

Hillary supporter says, “You mustn’t vote for Bernie because he isn’t electable.”

First, I think this is flat-out false. Second, it’s poor reasoning. Think about this for a moment.

Person A wants to vote for Person D, but thinks Person B will vote for Person C, so Person A votes for Person C instead. Person B wants to vote for Person D, but thinks Person A will vote for Person C, so Person B votes for Person C instead.

Did that work out for anyone? Yes. Only Person C. Because of a lie.

That’s oversimplified, I get it. Really, they’re afraid that Person D can not defeat Person E or F, which is the real goal, but the problem is the same: voting on the basis of what you think others will vote.

Ignoring all of the poor logic of it, what we wind up with is the “lesser of two evils” argument. It’s been useful in the past, but it doesn’t work here. It doesn’t work now. Hillary would be the lesser of two evils, sure. Bernie would not. Bernie is that rare precious, decent politician one would actively want to vote for, not one to use to vote against someone else, though that will be a very important side effect. Look at it this way. Bernie can’t be allowed to not be elected. This is too important, and too rare of an opportunity.

Still there remains the fear that Bernie can’t defeat the Republican candidate and Hillary can.

First, I believe that’s just wrong. Those on the right may disagree with some of Bernie’s methods more than Hillary’s, but they tend to hate her more, personally. Isn’t that right? Hillary has decades of dislike piled upon her, and Bernie’s already proving himself to exceed expectations — don’t believe everything you think. Further, if the “millennials” get out to vote, Bernie will win, no contest. The question is whether they will or not.

Second. This is another instance of poor reasoning. Here’s an analogy to help. You’ve noticed that an apple has fallen from a tree and you’re really hungry. You’d really like to eat this apple. You go after it, but see that a rock is closer and there might possibly be an obstacle to getting the apple — a boulder or a tree root; use  your imagination. So you pick up the rock because it’s more obtainable.

Did that work out for you? Let me know how that rock tastes. Like sweet, sweet victory, right? Right?

Bernie is the only candidate who has not been bought out. He refuses money from super PAC’s and the big corporations. This is the primary reason I took interest in him, and then everything else became a reason to take interest in him. Roughly everything that comes out of his mouth is almost exactly what I would want a candidate to say. He’s direct and clear in his meaning. He is genuine.

Hillary, on the other hand, speaks in buzzwords and frequently all of her words put together don’t mean much of anything. This is standard speech from a politician, and I think we all have very good reason not to trust it. You never get that from Bernie.

I do not trust Hillary. It is the case that Hilary is old-school. Hilary is “establishment”. Hilary is a part of the problem that Bernie seeks to solve. You’ve probably heard these arguments before. You’re welcome for hearing them again.

So this is what you do. You climb over that boulder and get the apple. If it has rolled away or been carried off by a raccoon before you could get to it, that’s unfortunate, but the only correct course of action is to climb over the boulder and look. You have to try.

Not climbing over the boulder and picking up the rock instead is a complete waste of your time. Hillary is not an apple.

I distrust every part of the political process as we know it. I have felt nothing but complete apathy regarding politics my entire life until Bernie showed up. Now I feel a strong compulsion to pour everything I have into supporting him, which, so far, isn’t much, but isn’t nothing.

Now here is another thing commonly said of Bernie: “He’ll never actually get done all the things he claims he’ll get done.”

Response: Yeah. I know. So what?

The thing is that Bernie knows there are apples on the other side of the boulder. What is he going to do? Climb over it and look. I expect Hillary to chip a tooth in the name of victory for the Democratic party.


Author: cazimi3

Amateur philosopher, long-time monster trainer, and aspiring mad scientist turned starving artist.

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