Outer Planet Cycles: Uranus and Pluto

In my last post on this subject I said I would explore in detail what it means that Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump may be manifestations of the same essential underlying force. It would be more accurate to say that their roles are expressions of that force.

I’ve talked a bit about the Uranus Pluto square. Actually, I feel that I’ve talked a lot about it. But I’m going to do it again. Read Richard Tarnas’ Cosmos and Psyche for a yet more in-depth analysis. For each of the following dates, assume a cushion of three to four years both ways. There will be some variation as Pluto’s orbit is eccentric, so it moves sometimes faster, sometimes more slowly.

Uranus and Pluto came into conjunction at the end of Aries in 1850, the following waxing square between the two planets occurred in 1876 between Taurus and Leo, and the following opposition occurred in 1901 between Gemini and Sagittarius. 1933 brought us the waning square between the two planets between Cancer and Aries, 1965 gave us the next conjunction in Virgo, 2013 gave us the next waxing square, and the opposition will occur sometime around 2047. The next dates are approximately 2075, 2105, and 2130.

Notice that the period surrounding the conjunction of 1850 was not only the beginning of the modern use of petroleum, but also the build up to the Civil War in the United States, when all of the pieces were put in motion and tensions began to rise. 1876 gave us the Transcontinental Railroad, Crazy Horse, and the birth of Einstein (make of that what you will). 1901 introduced us to quantum theory. 1933 is the peak of the Great Depression and the rise of Hitler.

The years surrounding 1965 involved the civil rights movement and large-scale rejection of traditional ways of thinking, in particular about sex, religion, and social power structures — major culture wars. Also in this time period, under the influence of this aspect, we flew to the Moon. I frequently try to wrap my mind around what that means, but always fail. I’ve known about the fact all my life, but the thought of flying to the Moon and walking on its surface simply blows my mind. Always.

As food for thought, as a matter of curiosity, here is the chart for the Moon landing on the Moon.apollo-moonNotice that Uranus and Pluto are not conjunct. Rather, Uranus has separated from Pluto, then both were transited by Jupiter. All three are opposed by the Earth who forms a trine aspect to the Sun and Mercury on one side and Neptune and Mars on the other, assuming an orb of 5°. The signs and especially the houses may not be comparable to the the signs and houses we know. That is a question for another century, probably.

Uranus-Pluto Square

This is what we’re dealing with now. Uranus in Ares is pulling away from Pluto in Capricorn. In 1933, Uranus was also in Ares drawing toward Pluto in Cancer, exactly opposite its position now.

Pluto reached perihelion in 1989, exactly between 1965 and 2013. This is also how Pluto was able to traverse roughly one half of the ecliptic in only 80 years, very similar to the speed at which Neptune does, and during most of that time forming a sextile aspect to Neptune. As such, Pluto and Neptune have been nearly inseparable for nearly the entire twentieth century and essentially amicably so. Inherent to the sextile aspect is the relationship of signs two each other by polarity. Two hexagons are present in the Zodiac, one yin and the other yang. The yin signs are the earth and water signs, the yang signs the air and fire signs.

The beginning of this current Uranus-Pluto square, in mid 2010, brought us the Arab Spring and all of the surrounding events. Here in the United States Occupy Wall Street popped up, and though it didn’t get anywhere it arguably set the stage and framed the national discussion, implanting in everyone’s mind that there was a problem with Wall Street, even if they didn’t quite understand it or disagreed. Similar events only emphasized the point in the global discussion, such as the European debt crisis. One major theme of the aspect was loud and clear from the very beginning.

As Uranus and Pluto move backward and forward due to retrograde motion, they have made exact square aspects seven times. The first exact square was in early July 2012, the last and final exactly a year ago in mid-March 2015. Uranus is pulling away, slowly but surely, in close aspect until June, and then as Uranus returns, again in November.

This phase, the phase after the conjunction and before the opposition, is called the waxing phase, like the phase of the Moon after new and before full. During this phase, the potential of the conjunction is released and, now that the aspect is on the whole separating, what has been created under its influence begins to manifest. This is the time when everything really begins to happen. As an example, consider how the conjunction of 1965 culminated in the Moon landing of 1969.

Our current situation echoes back to all of the prior quadrature aspects of the two planets, but it is most especially reflective of the previous two, first, for temporal proximity, second, because of placement. These few years Uranus has been in Aries while Pluto has been in Capricorn. Eighty-three years ago, Uranus was in Aries while Pluto was in Cancer. Capricorn and Cancer are the signs of the summer and the winter, Aries the sign of the spring. Most importantly, these are three of the four cardinal signs — two of the yin principle, the other one probably the most strongly yang of all signs.

Eighty-three years ago, Hitler was made chancellor and the build-up to the second world war began as the Great Depression was in full swing. We all know where that came from.

Today, we have a neo-Hitler character inciting hate and encouraging violence, racism, and claiming he’ll put up a wall in Mexico and make them pay for it, while at the same time the caliphate has sprung up in the Middle East. But we also at this time have a man who participated in the better part of the spirit of the 1965 conjunction speaking out against Wall Street, echoing not only the very start of this square aspect, but the cause of the worst part of the previous square aspect. I don’t think it’s the least bit controversial to say that were it not for that economic crash history would have played out very differently.

Notice that Hitler participated in the spirit of Pluto as it was passing through Cancer, the home of the Moon and exaltation of Jupiter. Pluto shone clearly, even in an exaggerated fashion through him. Pluto is also clearly present in Trump, but almost in a cartoonish manner. Parts of these traits are built into their birth charts but mostly they were the expressions of the spirit of the times. Trump is not an angry guy, not really. But notice how angry he likes to appear. His anger is exclusively manipulative, utilitarian. He had inherited money and has lived out most of his life as a self-important super-rich jackass. What does he have to be angry about? The same absolutely could not be said of Hitler, except the jackass part. He was a genuinely angry guy and that fueled him to do great and terrible things.

But what I want to point out is the interesting way this is expressed. Trump does not have a strong Saturn, but he seems to play out Pluto’s role in Capricorn, which is the home of Saturn and exaltation of Mars. This is not to say that he is reserved, but that his motivation to control, his grasping for power, is reserved, hiding behind the facade of incompetent loudmouth piece of trash. Hitler’s aim to control was clear, direct, openly visible, perhaps exaggerated, and eventually the obsessive focus of his every action. The Nazis had a plan and a vision for their glorious future, and Hitler had every desire to conquer and destroy in the name of that vision. What does Trump have? Apparently a dream of a wall and vague suggestions of getting rid of everyone who disagrees with him. He wants to copy Hitler, visibly, but the true nature of the underlying impulse hides behind a display of buffoonery. Whether this is an example of cleverness or not waits to be seen.

Notice also the rise of many ideas and ways of thinking that some have claimed to have arisen in the sixties and then died out, passing into obscurity. Many of these ideas are not in the same form, granted, and many are watered down, but some had sprouted then and are bearing fruit now. I am talking to you about astrology after all.

The most important part of all of this is that, given the aspect’s clear influence from both preceding alignments, we carry the potential of both time periods, which is inherent to the dynamic between Uranus and Pluto. The difference between us and the “failed” hippie movement is that we have been informed by them; they had no such help, no precedent, at least not on such a scale. The difference between us and the people crawling out of the Great Depression and preparing for perhaps the most world-changing war in human history is that we have been informed by them. They had no such help.

But a lot of new things are happening now for which we have no precedence. I don’t need examples to convince you of that.

I had considered closing with a summary of what it means that Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump may be manifestations of the same essential underlying force, but it didn’t feel right. I think I’ll let you use your imaginations instead.


Author: cazimi3

Amateur philosopher, long-time monster trainer, and aspiring mad scientist turned starving artist.

11 thoughts on “Outer Planet Cycles: Uranus and Pluto”

  1. If Trump undergoes Hitlerification, this will be the proof that history repeats itself as a joke the second time around. Not that he doesn’t have potential for populism, in fact, I think he does but of a different kind than that of Hitler. Without even looking at the aspects, Gemini Sun, Asc Leo spell out a hot air balloon specialised in grandstanding. Mercury in Cancer makes him really good at using emotional arguments instead of rational ones. I don’t know if his Moon in Sagittarius is relevant unless it’s weirdly aspected. Firey emotional appeals usually work quite well, especially of the temperament that the sign of Leo gives, plus Mars in Leo and that lonely Cancer. He’s the right person to use the “save our children from the alien monsters” line.

    Hitler on the other hand, had Sun in Taurus, Moon in Capricorn and Mercury in Aries. Definitely depends on the aspects with everything else, but this configuration is basically a pressure cooker of emotion getting released through the Mercurial Aries which makes a person’s rage infectious. I can speak from personal experience on those three placements. Actually -and that depends a lot on a few other things but it’s not completely eradicated by their absence-, his ascendant probably intensified the emotional aspect of the projected rage. In any case, opposed to Trump’s various speeches, this guy was genuinely behind whatever he said. Trump is probably the guy who’ll tearfully convince a group of people to jump off a cliff because that’s the only way to save their country or something, but not really meaning it, never intending to jump himself and planning to go rob the empty homes as soon as the last jumper hits the bottom. Hitler, well, he jumped off as well. It’s basically a con-man versus a cult leader.

    Technical question: what’s the orb for the conjunction of Pluto and Uranus in 1850? Try the following experiment: center the chart on Paris, France, 12:00 am 01/01/1848 using Paris as an imaginary European center and track when the conjunction hits (it’s almost concurrent with the Sun entering Pisces). Check the conjunctions going on in Pisces at the same time as the Pluto-Uranus conjunction and then read this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Revolutions_of_1848 A lot of that fun begun in March. Could also check 18/3/1871, Paris, France for the start of the Paris Commune. Many proportionate similarities.


    1. Oh, I have trouble with assigning orbs. I don’t like orbs wider than six degrees, which I think actually works for the first date, indirectly. The second dates corresponds directly to a square between Uranus and Neptune, which is an entirely different sort of thing. I don’t really know anything about the Paris Commune in particular, but it does sound like the implementation of a high ideal rather than forcefully overthrowing a constricting force or enforcing radical change.

      This Pisces thing is interesting. You’re giving me so much to think about. And the characterization and comparison you give here is delicious. I think it’s spot on.

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  2. Reblogged this on Lost Dudeist Astrology and commented:
    Interesting analysis. I am not sure I buy the comparison of Hitler and Trump because Hitler was fixed (Taurus) and Trump mutable (Gemini). See, also, “Astrology for the Millions” by Grant Lewi. But, much of the rest is on target. I agree: Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump represent different expressions of the same energy. But, what they BOTH represent is throwing out the status quo (Bush / Clinton) and bringing in someone who is different in a truly meaningful way. (However, I do agree that we do NOT want a dictator.)


    1. I’ll interject with a more mystical approach that’s informed from the symbolism I use for magical purposes. You can both freely dismiss all of it and I could certainly be very wrong, it’s very different from relational analysis which I’m not rejecting.

      I’ve been really annoyed by the Taurean despot/dictator/leader phenomenon for years but I haven’t been able to dismiss it. What I’m going to say concerns the pure sign and not how it flavours the individual astrological soup of its Sun natives, although since I’m talking about a nature of potentials, under specific circumstances, the possibility of manifestation always exists. There’s a long standing association between Taurus and power, sometimes explicit and sometimes implicit. From the four royal stars (which can be contested on historical grounds, haven’t looked too far into that), Aldebaran (α Tauri) is currently the brightest. Apparent luminosity goes like this: Aldebaran > Antares (α Scorpii) > Formalhaut (α Piscis Austrini) > Regulus (α Leonis). Since Regulus was probably brighter or the brightest of those four, I would love to know what the apparent luminosity was going back in 2.000 year intervals but eh. Lore surrounding Aldebaran and Antares suggests the ambivalent nature that’s usually given by Sun sign astrology to Scorpio, capability for greatness that could be used for destruction as well. Formalhaut also seems to have a less powerful but ambivalent nature as well. Regulus is the less ambivalent and more clearly benevolent of them all but it’s still quirky.

      The GD sort of, expressed the same idea in a haphazard way in their astrological associations for the Tarot trumps. Taurus gets the Hierophant, who is basically the other side of the High Priestess, who is associated with the Moon. Might be the same idea there but I don’t personally take those associations seriously, just using them as an example that this is implied in various places.

      But also, there’s an odd effect in the traditional dignities. Out of the fixed signs (which can be kinda associated with the four stars although I’m not sure about Formalhaut being really Aquarian), Taurus is the only one that gets an exaltation (Moon) but doesn’t act as a fall for any planets. Scorpio in the antipode doesn’t get an exaltation but acts as the fall for the Moon. Leo and Aquarius both lack exaltations and falls. There might be a similar oddness happening in the mutables if you compare the Earth – Water antipode there but it’s of a different nature. That’s the only sign that gets those three attributes in general unless you include the lunar nodes and then you also get Sagittarius.

      Here’s the really mystical and probably more controversial point I’m going to make though. The Moon is well known for its variability and ambivalence so I’m not going to go into that but I’d like to point out that Venus is almost equally so. Venus ruling Libra is the diurnal phase, masculine. Venus ruling Taurus is the nocturnal phase, feminine. Venus is a planet but she was also seen as two stars that were the same but distinct. Eosphorus/Phosphorus, Lucifer, lightbringer, the Star of Dawn and Hesperus, the Star of Dusk. I remember some ancient lore that differentiated between the two appearances and gave one a positive meaning and the other a negative one but I can’t really trace it right now. Basically, I’m trying to paint the image of Venus in the Night under the three Moons. Taurus is said to be a straightforward sign but there’s nothing straightforward or simple about that image.

      Again, I’m going to say that this usually means little for natives. Being a distant descendant of a major royal line doesn’t necessarily make the descendant a king. Probably the exact opposite.

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    2. Interesting analysis. (Should you codify this into another article?) Lewi used more than sun signs (he spoke at length about Mars square Saturn in Astrology for the Millions), and so do I. I also like to compare to other charts. Is Trump’s chart as “related” to say, Donny Osmond or Rodney Dangerfield as it is to Hitler’s? If so, then maybe I am overfitting. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Overfitting

      That said, I think Trump is something totally different from Hitler. Just on Sun / Moon (without further analysis), Taurus Sun / Capricorn Moon tends to look a bit dangerous (Adam Lanza had that, too) whereas Gemini Sun / Sadge Moon does not worry me nearly as much. I do not ONLY use the Sun (if you believe that, then you have not read my work) but I do believe you must address “The Lights” fully first. Everything else exists in support of them (for a given person or event), and all from Jupiter out tells us where this person fits within a generation of people. But you do have a good point regarding using ONLY the Sun: Stalin was a Sagittarius. (Some people believe that Sadge cannot produce monsters. Hitler killed 6 million of his own people; Stalin killed at least 20 million of his.) http://necrometrics.com/20c5m.htm
      If you have not read Lewi, let me recommend him.


      1. I definitely didn’t think you only use the Sun. I have looked at some of your work and appreciate it. I was, rather, pointing out the particular argument you were making, which did include only the Sun, and I guess it feels like I thought that pointing at it would bring out what else you have.

        You do make an excellent point about overfitting. I’d considered myself. I don’t stand by the comparison I made in the comment in response to you based on the natal charts of Hitler and Trump. My quick analysis was meant only to support to the possibility, to say it deserved additional attention especially given that empirical evidence, by which I mean observations of Trump’s rallies, his supporters, his supposed aims, his extremely successful hatemongering and his cult-forming abilities are so suggestive. The empirical comparisons between Trump and Hitler are very strong. The two are, to me and a great many others, obviously playing the same role, and it is more or less a role that has not yet been played in American politics. As in my post, my purpose was to show that the phenomenon has a similar, but in ways opposite character to the phenomenon of the 1930’s-40’s. I have a lot of research to do to make a strong comparison even of that, but that’s not quite what I’ve been trying to do.

        Most especially, thank you for the recommendations. I genuinely appreciate them. And thank you for commenting. I’m sure I have a great deal to learn from you and I’m looking forward to it.


  3. Err, can’t reply directly to GrandTrines but I’d like to know why he/she thinks that Sun Taurus, Moon Capricorn is an indication of danger. The Saturnian influence? I’ve got both, in trine, and if I can reliably separate them from everything else, I wouldn’t say that they feel negative at all. Other people I’ve known and examined the charts of with Capricorn Moons and different Suns didn’t seem off either.

    Wouldn’t say that there’s any sign that doesn’t produce monsters. Centaurs might not be Bulls yet but with people like Augusto Pinochet, Fransisco Franco, Pablo Escobar, Ted Bundy, Edmund Kemper, they definitely get the Bond villain stamp of approval. Wasn’t there a statistical study that pointed to mutables having an increased number of serial killers about a decade ago? Strangely Friedrich Engels was also a Sagittarius which puzzles me on why he got along so well with my guy.

    I always thought that signs in politics are fun but it’s basically a game without more information. Here’s some stuff I remember from the times I was studying the Cold War at uni. Churchill (Sagittarius) was intent on starting a nuclear WWIII against the USSR right after the end of WWII when he immediately unloaded troops and materiel in Greece which more or less started the Greek Civil War (46-49), the first and widely unknown phase of the Cold War even before the Korean one. Too much chaos to get a good image of Greek counterparts during that time but King George II until 1947 was a Cancer and King Paul who replaced him was a Sagittarius. The communist side of the civil war was led mainly by Nikolaos Zachariadis (Taurus) who had spent the entire WWII being held prisoner in Dachau. That same side had been promised material support from Stalin (Sagittarius) that never materialised, instead they got plenty of support from Yugoslavian leader Tito (Taurus). Eventually, Truman (Taurus) gave the go-ahead for the first use of napalm in warfare versus the communist guerillas, which combined with the Tito-Stalin rift basically ended the Greek Civil War. Truman seemed to like his WMDs a lot since he’s also the only US president to use nuclear weapons in warfare. For reference, Japanese Emperor Hirohito was a Taurus. Thankfully Churchill lost to Attlee (Capricorn) in late 1945 who was properly cool-headed. He became prime-minister again in 1950. Compare with Neville Chamberlain (Pisces) who tried a lot to avert the war and faced a lot of criticism for that.

    On the anti-communist side of the equation was the Greek fascist dictator who was aligned with the Axis powers before things fell apart, Ioannis Metaxas (Aries) who ruled from 1936-41, the leader of the anti-communist faction during the Resistance, Napoleon Zervas (Taurus) and finally, the dictator of the US-instigated coup-d’etat of 1967-1974, Georgios Papadopoulos (Taurus). That last guy was basically our very own Hitler, who chose to refuse any pardons and die in prison, where he spent the entire time between 1975 to the year he died in 1999. He fell from power when Dimitrios Ioannidis (Pisces), one of the other leaders, basically ousted him to take his place in 1973. Although sharing the same prison block for more than two decades, Papadopoulos never spoke to him again. His right hand man who showed him as much loyalty as Goebbels showed Hitler, is Stylianos Pattakos (Scorpio). Similar pair. Oh and Papadopoulos idolised Gamal Nasser (Capricorn), the Egyptian dictator and Muamar Gaddafi (no idea but I can only guess).

    Stalin’s chiefs of internal affairs (OGPU, NKVD, etc.) during the height of his paranoia were Genrikh Yagoda (Scorpio) from 1934-36, replaced by Nikolai Yezhov (Taurus) 1936-38 covering the absolute height, replaced by Lavrentiy Beria (Aries) 38-45. The most famous and proficient NKVD executioner during the whole period was Vasily Blokhin, a Capricorn. Stalin’s right hand statesman and in my humble opinion one of the greatest diplomats in history (and superhuman political survivor to boot) was Vyacheslav Molotov who was a Pisces. Regarding Pisceans in USSR politics, either my memory doesn’t help or they’re really rare. The most notable I can remember were Nadezhda Krupskaya, Lenin’s widow, who some people say was murdered by Stalin by way of a poisoned birthday cake and Mikhail Gorbachev, who tried some well-intentioned reforms but got the short end of the stick. Somewhat amusingly, the Gang of Eight, the group that did a failed coup-d’etat against him in 1991 and set the ball for the collapse rolling was basically a group led by a Virgo and a Libra and made up mostly of Pisceans and Scorpios. A Taurus and a Capricorn had also lend a hand. Most of these people had been promoted by Gorbachev himself. Lenin (Taurus) was also chums with Rosa Luxemburg (Pisces) but she didn’t have anything to do with Russian politics, being active in Germany.

    On the note of Scorpios, they really bloomed during the democratic period while Lenin was alive. Then Stalin basically murdered them all, with Trotsky being the most notable.

    The only Eastern Block leader to sever ties with the USSR during Stalin’s life was Tito (Taurus) who did so on grounds of independence from Moscow and because Yugoslavia was the only E-Block country to liberate itself from the Nazis without Soviet military assistance, the resistance was also led by Tito. The Tito-Stalin rift almost became an open war and Tito is further famous for threatening Stalin that he’d have him assassinated within weeks if he continued to challenge him. At the very least, Stalin himself took that seriously enough to start block-wide witch-hunts for Titoist agents. Afterwards, Tito managed to become the most long-lived communist leader in Eastern Europe and by far the most benevolent. The absolute psychotics (who’s policies gave me actual nightmares) were Nicolae Ceausescu (Aquarius) of Romania and Enver Hoxha (Libra) of Albania. They’re the ones who are called the neo-Stalinists because they refused to abandon Stalinist programs even after his death. Since I mentioned Romania, their war-time Quisling dictator who run a mini-holocaust of his very own was Ion Antonescu, a Gemini.

    I haven’t been invited to the cabal yet. Should I be worried?

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    1. What a GREAT read! (It should be an article rather than a comment.) The only thing I have to “add” to that is that I have also questioned (in one of my articles, somewhere on my blog) whether or not Sun-Taurus / Capricorn-Moon is “inherently” dangerous. In fact, that inspired my “Donny Osmond” comment as a joke. (I have not looked up Osmond’s chart as of yet; he was just the most harmless famous person I could think of, a bit like the “Stay Puft” Marshmellowman in Ghostbusters. See, also: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oPr7cYLq3dk ) Anyway, I noted that George Clooney (whose work I adore, especially Syriana, Michael Clayton, etc.) has that config as well as a number of other benevolent people whose contributions have been worthwhile. So, I think you are right on that point: BY ITSELF S-T/M-C does not make a monster. Have to add in the other ingredients in the soup.

      I thought your story was both interesting and well researched (though I did not fully fact check it), and I *DO* note that Taurus popped up a number of times, probably more than any other single sign. As a side note, my personal theory about why you do not tend to see Pisces in power structures is that they tend to be INVISIBLE. People assume that they are “not there,” but I do not buy that. I think they are there but hiding in other positions, a bit like “Claire Underwood” (Lady MacBeth) for Vice President.

      As an aside, I note that, though Bush dropped out, John Kasich is still in the running. I stand by an earlier comment that I would not be surprised to see him on the ticket (if not for Pres then for VP). See, also: https://grandtrines.wordpress.com/2016/02/09/the-algol-twins/

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      1. Thanks. This astropolitical game is an exercise in confirmation bias and it’s fun to play when you’re bogged down with too much undergraduate research. But you could also convincingly say that it’s selective on prominence and people in critical positions at critical times. Other than using it to make shortlists of people to check in detail, what’s probably really curious and interesting are the synastric clusters that seem to appear. Along with Taurean leaders for example, you’ll find many other Water and Earth Sun signs. Along with Fire Sun signs, you’ll find a lot of Air and Fire. In case of murdering psychopaths like Stalin, you’ll find that there’s a tendency to liquidate most non-compatible elements. I prefer to avoid politics but I’ll probably write something on why I don’t think it’s the man who makes history, regardless of sign and chart, but societies selecting the right man for the right job as the perfect vehicle and it’s then that charts play their part. Funnily, I arrived at that conclusion both from an extremely materialist POV and a completely occult one.

        You might be interested in this by the way: https://astrolibrary.org/zodiac-sign-us-presidents/ Taurus/Capricorn Suns/Moons are the most common in US presidents. Following up on what cazimi3 said, common perception for Capricorn is that of an emotionless, calculating, social-climbing workaholic and that’s heavily influenced by Sun Sign astrology generalisations, not that I’m saying that you’re doing that. In that light, it makes sense to think that a Taurus Sun with a cold, calculating (un)emotional nature would be half-way to monster. But that’s not accurate at all. Both the Capricorn Suns and the Capricorn Moons I’ve known tend to be extremely sensitive and emotionally insecure, which makes absolute sense on the Capricorn – Cancer axis. But, there is a tendency to completely hide that for purposes of self-protection, Scorpio style. It actually goes against my nature somewhat to say all that so directly. If anything, Capricorn Moon strongly magnifies the Taurean broodiness and becomes a burden.

        I’m thinking that interviewing random, anonymous natives with specific placements who have some exposure to astrology would be really useful to astrologers in general and more useful than raw historical data. (And I’m not talking about people like me, I’m too opinionated about these things to be reliably unbiased about them.)

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      2. Well written. I completely agree about “confirmation bias” and the speculative nature of the discussion the three of us are having. I view it as good fun and do not take it too seriously. If you have read my blog, then you know that I repeatedly say “if it works, use it. if not, throw it out.” I repeat that as applicable here as well. I will add that charts can function as ambiguous stimuli that are a gateway to intuitive / unconscious processes that often have the ability to be startlingly correct. But, again, I agree with the comment about confirmation bias. We tend to see what we want to see. Being truly neutral is difficult, sometimes impossible.

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